My Process

+ Wheel thrown or hand built 

+ Pottery emblems are hand sculpted from clay then carefully molded with silicone molding putty. Clay is then pressed into these molds and attached onto my pieces.  

+ Hand painted using quality paints for high fire ceramics, Clay and Glaze. Fired to cone 6.

+ Every item is stamped on the bottom with a makers mark, and sanded to not scuff surfaces.


What It Is Not

+ Forms are not made with plaster molds 

+ Not mass produced ware 

+ Not stove-top safe (Or any direct heat) 

+ Not microwave recommended

+ Not dishwasher reccommended

Packaging & Shipping

+ All ceramic pieces are carefully wrapped in bubble wrap, then laid in a bed of crumpled craft paper and biodegradable peanuts to ensure it reaches your hands safely. Packing peanuts can go in your compost bin!

+ If any damage happens in transit, please contact me with pictures of the item and packaging, and your item will be replaced or refunded.

Thing To Note

+ All tableware is food safe

+ Because all mugs are glazed by hand, each piece will be unique in different ways. Some rims may be slightly non circular, and that is normal from attaching handles. 

+ No returns and no refunds